The City of Baltimore has unrealized promise and potential. Its proud history, diverse neighborhoods, marquee attractions, exciting nightlife and regional pride makes it one of America’s top cities. But, crime, vacant and deteriorating housing stock, declining neighborhoods, poverty and unemployment and hopelessness exist side by side with the glitz of harbor side development, thriving commerce and emerging growth areas in selected areas. The City’s greatness can only be achieved by creating a city wide Renaissance in which all neighborhood and all citizens benefit.

TBR Revitalization Plan At A Glance

The Baltimore Renaissance is a history making multi-billion dollar initiative that will, for the 1st time in the modern history of Baltimore City, create a Historic Comprehensive Collaborative Consensus Based Citywide Revitalization plan. The project will identify, plan, and craft plans for the revitalization of a minimum of 70 Renaissance sites throughout the entire city, with a minimum of 5 sites per district. The plan creates a spring board that will catapult Baltimore City into a “Revitalization Spring” and create historic record setting outcomes that will be felt in the city for many generations to come. The plan, along with its comprehensive and engaging community collaboration, carefully crafted site and development financial plans, and assistance with the selection of development plans and their execution, will transform Baltimore into a national and international turnaround story that shall have no equal.

Some Current Baltimore Issues

  • Number of homicides this year on track to surpass all time homicides record in Baltimore city. —CBS Baltimore (WJZ)
  • Baltimore is the Nation’s heroin Capital impacting over 60,000 residents. —ABC News (2017)
  • 75,000+ residents are unemployed and 3,000+ are homeless on the streets of Baltimore City. —Baltimore Sun (2016) & ATTN: (2015)
  • 64% of low-income residents struggle to work due to transit barriers. —Dept. of Legislative Services (2016)
  • Constant and chronic school budget shortages are now causing 1,000+ school employees layoffs. —WBAL (2017)
  • Baltimore has some of the nation’s worst air quality which contributes to 845 deaths annually. —Maryland Reporter (2013)
  • 155,000+ Baltimore residents live in poverty. —ATTN: (2015)
  • 37% of African American males & 10% of White males between 20-24 years old are unemployed. —Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (2015)
  • 62,000+ properties in Baltimore City are vacant. —The Washington Post (2015) & Brookings Institution (2016)
  • 400,000+ residents left Baltimore in the past 40 years leading to a 100-year population low. —Baltimore Sun (2017) & Baltimore Sun (2015)

TBR Revitalization Plan Impact

  • Largest Citywide Community Revitalization project in the History of Baltimore City.
  • A minimum of 70 projects Citywide with a minimum of 5 "Feeder System" projects in every District.
  • Historic $10 Billion in new economic development for Baltimore City.
  • Creation of up to 45,000 jobs, Internships, and many new partnerships for Baltimore City.
  • Produces an est. $156 Million in NEW Tax revenues for all City needs Human Services, Public Safety, Schools, & much more.
  • Creates thousands of new Affordable Dwelling/Workforce Housing units throughout Baltimore City.
  • Produces millions of dollars of much needed funds for Citywide Non-profits and needed organizations.
  • Turns around the Historic 100 year low & population loss and for the 1st time in 40+ years creates population growth.
  • Engages, Embraces, & Energizes City Hall, the Community, and Corporations to work together in a Historic manner.
  • Moves Baltimore forward and closer to becoming what it's benches read. Baltimore "America's Greatest City".
The Future Is Now

After meeting with hundreds of stakeholders throughout Baltimore City, nothing is more vital for the future of Baltimore than the actions taken at the present. The Baltimore Renaissance, simply put, will create MORE for Baltimore and all of its people. The time is now for Baltimore to drive forward to truly become America’s Greatest City.

Click To Download TBR Presentation To City Council (07-27-17)